5 AM – need I say more?

Got home at 5AM… Yes I had an awesome night! We went to a new place and we just danced till we couldn’t anymore. I literally couldn’t. So painful for my feet. Danced in heels (that aren’t comfy) for 3 hours straight I think… Pretty crazy. BUT – I loved it! 
Had a hard time walking even when I left the club and changed my shoes to flat ones… Pain. But worth it. 

I cannot believe I haven’t gone out in so long. It made me feel old that I hadn’t. I feel so young and alive now, is that silly? 

… Anyway I drank alcohol which was the 2nd time this year. First time was in Thailand at a halfmoon party – but thats a different story. To go back to the drinking part. Drinking alcohol isn’t a big deal as such I am aware. But being a fitness and health freak these days means that alcohol suddenly does become a big deal. 
As we were going from my friend’s place to town (quite a way) I started to sober up. So most of the time at the club I was in fact sober and yet I still had an amazing time. I have to say I wasn’t quite sure that was possible, glad I proved myself wrong! 
Point being: I don’t need alcohol anymore. That shit is overrated. 1. tastes like shit, 2. makes you feel like shit the day after, 3. just isn’t good for you health and fitness wise. 
I’m just surprised and happy that I had fun although I wasn’t drunk. Usually I have a hard time loosening up and dancing unless Im a little tipsy… I think I’ll go out again next weekend and not have a drink of any kind (unless its water :p ) … And I’ll see how that goes. 

I don’t regret drinking tonight because I’ve been very stressed lately and I do honestly feel like the bit of alcohol I had today has helped me loosen up a bit. 

Yes I am writing this a little past 5 AM … Not sure why. I’m just not ready for bed just yet – and Im feeling pumped ! 
Hope I don’t feel too shitty when I wake up. 😀

…At the club I did get a lot of attention from several guys. It did feel great, made me feel good about myself… Self-esteem is a problem for me, so it’s definitely an area that calls for improvement. 

Right now I’m just feeling happy. I love to dance and I love music and it was just great. I haven’t been out in so long. I haven’t lived since … forever really. But I’m ready for it all now. 

Whatever life throws at me… I’ll take it. Like Barney Stinson usually says: “Challenge accepted.” 
That’s how I feel these days 🙂 


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