“Disconnect fro…

“Disconnect from the past to have a future”
– Yogi tea

I love yogi tea. Well 1) the tea is great and 2) I love the little ‘wise’ words that come along. 

My tea today had the above mentioned quote on it. So true. You can’t move on if you live in the past. So the past needs to stay the past in order to create a future. 

I think I have some work to do. I need to work on myself. Leave the past behind me ‘disconnect’ from it. 

It can be hard being single at times but WTH it’s not unbearable or life-threatening… Being single is not nice all the time but it sure as hell isn’t the end of the world either.

Either way I feel like I need an escape these days. Just wander off to a beautiful place in the world and do what ever I feel like doing. Which at the moment is to not study and not freeze, no work, no ‘routine’… Just live life. If only I was that rich, huh. 😛 
I can only dream though… Because unfortunately reality is not that beautiful and easy. 

Oh well. Dreams are better than nothing. What would we be without them? 


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