Oh girls just wanna have …. sex?

Remember that I said waiting till next week to have sex was a long ass time (around that time it would make it around 3 weeks total without sex)?… I guess I’ll take that back. That guy… Let us call him Matt (fictional 😉 ) … Anyway… Matt is/was living in a temporary apartment because the apartment he was living in (with his room mate ‘John’) was sold. He had to find a place to live so he lived in his friends apartment temporarily for about 6 months I think. His friend was traveling so he had the apartment to himself. Now… His friend is back home and he has to find a place to live, he’s moving out in a week and since his friend is home I can’t really come by … He’s moving to another temporary location until he gets his own apartment (God knows when that’ll be – I hope SOON)… Anyway, he’s moving in with his sister till he gets his own… His sister. Again this means I can’t come over. WHAT TO DO? I live in my moms apartment, although I sort of live here alone (because my family are living in the house atm- long story) I don’t feel like I can 1) have sex in my moms home 2) my bedroom is too small 3) my bed is sort of too small for me and since he’s so much larger and taller than I – that’s gonna be a problem (no it’s not a children’s bed, its a sofa bed and yes I was disappointed when I got it – its made for people that are maybe 5’3 or something) 4) what if my mom all of a sudden comes by?

So yea… DILEMMA. This sucks so bad. I guess I’ll have to be patient. If I’m not… Well then I might just consider having him come by my place. But then again… I’m not sure I want him to see my place, sort of like he’ll see a private side of me… Also, what if he wants to stay and sleep over? Well 1) my bed is too small 2) I don’t feel like hosting .. Another thing that just popped into my mind, how weird will it be to have sex and then for him to leave? I’ve never tried that. Everytime we’ve met I’ve slept over, which seems natural… I’m not sure.

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. We could be talking 1+ months here… I don’t want him to have sex with someone else, although I can’t tell if he does that anyway… But I don’t want it to be that long till I see him again.

Should I ask him out? Would that be weird? I mean … I want to see him and get to know him a little better… But I’m not sure that I really want to date date him. I don’t think I want a boyfriend anytime soon…

I have no idea what to do. I just want to have sex. I’m eager to learn. Eager to have exciting sex. The sex before him wasn’t all that exciting. I think it’s the size and the fact that he’s so experienced. It’s sort of like going from a regular pair of hells to Christian Louboutin’s – although they’re both a pair of heels the Louboutin’s are just more exciting (in case you’re wondering – yes, I love shoes).

I just love this picture… 


Sort of sums everything up … 😛

Oh well… I guess I’ll just have to figure out what to do!  Until then lets just say I’m glad I ordered that vibrator yesterday – It’ll be in my hands by tuesday…


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