Is it okay for a woman to ask a man out?

… I’ve wondered about this quite a lot lately.

I tried searching the net… What I found was that most guys say they find it attractive or that they take it as a compliment and that they don’t mind at all. Most females think it’s a serious no go.
I stumbled across a video where the lady said: ‘go ahead and do it’ and she said that especially attractive guys are used to being chased and probably expect that the female makes the move.

Now … I’ve wondered if a guy could be scared to ask a woman out? Most of the results say that it’s most likely the ‘he’s just not that into you’ thing than it’s being scared… I’m just thinking, guys are like us gals? I mean what’s keeping me from asking a guy is fear, scared of being rejected, so why wouldn’t that be the case with a guy?

… Now most of the things you find online is about people who’ve been flirting and are then wondering why the guy hasn’t asked them out.

Well… I’m pretty sure the guy I’m thinking about, called him Matt in my last post, is interested in me and attracted to me. Now whether or not he’s looking for a relationship… I’m not sure. Though I’m not looking for one myself either. You never know what could happen though…

Anyway last post I mentioned how we don’t have the possibility of having sex/hanging at his place anymore… Now, I don’t want to wait too long to see him. Even though we can’t have sex, I still want to hang out with him … Is that weird? … Anyway…

Blabla, when talking about how we couldn’t hang at his place anymore (for now), I said ‘what to do then’ he replied ‘good question’ …

He didn’t make the suggestion of hanging out somewhere in public… I’m not sure if it was because he wanted me to make the suggestion or if it’s because he doesn’t want to… Also he doesn’t contact me much. I therefore don’t either… Last time I had contact with him was sort of 2 weeks ago. If you don’t count snapchat – and that’s me sending snaps and never receiving any. Yes… Sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? I mean … I’m not sure what the deal is. When I’m with him he’s so different than when we’re texting or apart. It’s so weird. I can’t read him. I think he might be like me… Holding back, protecting myself (and he, himself)… But then again I can’t stop thinking that ‘he’s the guy’ … And that if he really wants something he would go after it, right?

But then again… I could turn that and say the same about myself – and I haven’t even made ‘a move’ yet … So I don’t know. I’m just super confused… And in doubt about whether or not I should just go ahead and ask him out?
But then I think… What if he hasn’t asked me out because he’s not interested in that? Or what if he rejects me? How should I ask him out? Will he think I’m desperate?

Am I over-thinking this?

I feel like he likes me a lot when I’m around him… At the same time I also know that he has this idea in this head that I’m a player. That I play with guys’ feelings… I don’t think he trusts me. I don’t trust him either. I think we both have the same picture of one another… And I think we’re both holding back because we don’t wanna put out too much too fast and risk rejection or hurt. I think he has a fear of me perhaps still being or going back to my ex… But that’s just what I think…

So that’s why I’m not sure whether or not I should be the one to initiate and just ask him out.

It’s a dilemma… Because I’m in doubt about whether or not he’s not interested in taking our thing to another kind of ‘level’ or whatever you should call it or whether or not he’s waiting for me to tell him I WANT TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU…

I’m scared I might have fallen a little for this fool. Or maybe it’s because he’s giving me a hard time? I’m not sure. I just know not many – if any really.. can get my attention and have me interested, good-looking or not.. And he has somehow managed to do so… I think it’s because he’s not all over me (like I’m used to) it’s driving me crazy. Is he playing the game on me like most women do to guys? … Gosh I’m in such a ‘bad place’ I have no idea if he doesn’t give a crap or if he thinks of me as I do of him… I wonder if he thinks about me as much as I think of him?… He’s definitely gotten to me. No doubt. First one to ever get to me like this…

Oh gee … I don’t know what to do… What do you think?


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