Being in love – what does it feel like?

On movies we’re sold illusions and stories of love – that are quite (too) often far from reality. 
It’s all so sugar sweet and romantic, often the guy is so thoughtful and sweet, and we dream of meeting a guy like that. A guy that would do EVERYTHING for us, no matter what. Well guess what? None of that is real. First of all, if you’re being a bitch – why should the guy do everything for you? You’ve watched too many movies, expecting your little outburst to make him crazy and wonder how he can make it up to you. So you just sit and wait. Then you wonder what went wrong. Does he not love me? Maybe it just wasn’t real love. 
Why should he give in when you won’t? Let’s be real, movie love is overrated. Not only that, love is an individual thing – it’s universal, but the way it’s experienced and felt is not. We all experience and express love in different ways. Love makes us act in different ways. There’s no handbook for how love makes a guy act, or how love makes a woman act. There’s no right or wrong or specific way of behavior or feelings when you’re ‘in love’.

There’s no universal set of rules when it comes to love. 

I sit around now, wondering if I am in love, or am I perhaps just obsessed? Because I always, almost always, succeed and get my way. Sort of. So when I don’t – or at least when I’m not in control of a situation it drives me crazy. So now I wonder, is it love? Or is it just obsession? 

For the sake of fun I decided to google ‘what does it mean to be in love’ and ‘how does it feel to be in love’. A lot of different things come up, all from the cliché movie kind of feels to more ‘realistic’ answers. 
Either way it was insightful, but it didn’t answer my original question: ‘Am I in love or just obsessed?’ 

And the truth is – it can’t answer it. No one else than me and time can answer that question. Once again I repeat, there is no universal set of rules. Love feels different from person to person and love can feel different with different people. 

I’ve experienced different feelings with different people. Now I can look back and say whether I was in love or not, whether it was curiosity or what it was. In the end no one knows you better than yourself – even if you don’t know yourself that well. 

I think I might be a little in love and a little obsessed. I think I might have to let my guards down to know what I’m feeling. It could also just be lust and a little obsession. It could be love that makes me obsessive, and the obsession comes from being possessive? 
And you can go on and on. Only time will tell. 



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