Expectations – Too high or too low? Be the change you want to see in the world.


It’s something we all have (or at least most of us), whether high or low, whether about ourselves or others… We just can’t seem to avoid them.

We expect certain things from certain people, especially family. Growing up my mothers side of the family were so incredibly important to me. They meant the world to me. My two uncles were my role models, I looked up to them and thought they were the best. In my world they were so awesome and cool. I loved them a lot.

Although much has changed since then, I guess my ‘view’ or feelings so to say, never changed. I had high expectations. Time after time I felt ‘let down’… Time after time the picture I had cracked… My respect lessened every time.

Today I’ve reached the point where I’ve realized it’s all about ‘each to his own’. Seems like family doesn’t mean much anymore to many people. Seems like a lot of people get married and then they only engage with one side of the family. Im super disappointed.

My expectations were high. The world has become a selfish place. Family doesn’t even matter anymore. People only care about themselves. It’s sad. It really is. There’s nothing more special than bonding with family. There’s nothing more special than knowing you have a family you can rely on… There’s nothing greater than having get togethers.
Seems like ‘family’ these days is just another thing to add to the pile of illusions. Seems like it doesn’t exist anymore. Apart from your close family, you might just as well forget it. It’s sad…

My uncles put and have always put their wives families first. It’s sad. It’s unfair and meaningless. No family is more important than the other. In fact one should try to bond all the families instead. I always think that more is better. Although crowded etc. I think it’s nice to be at a gathering of many… Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m too much of a family person? I don’t know…

I just think as time passes a lot of ‘traditions’ go down the drain… With some it’s fine, with others it’s just a shame.
Things don’t always ‘evolve’ for the better.

The world needs more love.

As blood we should stay together. Family is important. Family is nice. People seem to forget. Isolating yourself sometimes is fine too, but I just think life would have more meaning if there was family bonding. Gatherings are nice. It’s nice to see your family once in a while rather than 1-2 times a year. Especially when you live 30-45 mins apart. It’s stupid…

Not only is that a disappointment and let down to me… But the love of money is too. My mother’s family is really big, she has a lot, A LOT, of siblings… Now what kills me is that money becomes so important when parents die. Why?
How can you be thinking so much about the money? Also… Parent’s belongings belong to all siblings…
The world has become such a greedy place…

I think the world has become a seriously horrendous place. The world is not changing for the better… More like for the worse.

The world needs peace, love and harmony. What has become of us?

There are so many issues to grasp… Within the last year I’ve come to the conclusion that humans are not worthy of this planet. Humans have not made themselves worthy of life on this planet. Humans are awful. Awful to nature, animals and each other.

In fact, I think that humans don’t deserve to live here. Humans deserve to be extinct. Harsh? Yes. But that is my honest opinion.

I know it would mean that even I would have to ‘die’. For the world I would… Seeing all the horrible things animals are put through because of humans… Or how nature is treated… Or for goodness sake, how people treat each other… Seriously. Humans should just be removed from the face of the earth.

… And thats all I have to say for now.

Let’s round it off with wise advice from Ghandi and a viral ‘quote’ – “be the change you want to see in the world”.
Those weren’t his exact words, but it was the message he wanted to get across.


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