Love across borders?

My holiday fling… 

He’s like many of the guys I’ve met. And then again not really… He’s like the guys I’ve met but wasn’t attracted to… But whom I thought were sweet and would treat me well… 

I might’ve not known him for long. I might’ve only spent one day with him… 

But seriously… He makes me feel like I am the most amazing person on earth. At the same time I kinda fancy him. But I’m not 100% sure… How could I be anyway? 

I do want to see if there is anything. If there could be anything… 
So I’m going to go see him. Not sure when exactly in 2 weeks or in 1 month… I’m kinda excited. 
It will take me 1,5 hours by plane… And about an additional hour by car from the airport to him. 

Although he’s 5 month younger than me, I feel like he’s more like a man than most guys I’ve ever met. 
I think he’ll be my number 4. 

And number 3 is out. If he wants anything to do with me, he’ll have to work for it. I don’t care about him anymore. I won’t give him the light of the day. 


… Let’s see what life has planned for me… 



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