Time will be my guidance

I look for all the bad, before I see the good. 

Maybe Im just dreaming? Maybe I wish I was like others? Like most? 
Maybe I wasn’t made to fall in love… 
Or maybe I haven’t met the right one? 

All I see right now are your flaws… 
How this might all be a mistake? 

Maybe it was impulse. A moment of wishful thinking. 

Maybe you’re too young for me. 
Maybe you’re not serious enough. 
Maybe we’re too different. 

Maybe this is a mistake? 

Maybe it’s not. 
But right now I can’t help but only see the bad. 
The 1000 of reasons why it wouldn’t work. 

I’m sorry. 

I just don’t trust people. 
My expectations are too high. 

Maybe I’m just too different for the world to be able to shape the perfect mate for me. 
Maybe I have to set my expectations lower. 
But how could I? 
My expectations are derived from the lengths I myself would go for someone. 
I therefore expect, I therefore expect the same. 

I’m only human. 
Even if I don’t belong to the ‘normal’ segment when it comes to thinking. 

I’m sorry. 
Sorry to be difficult. 
I’m sorry if I end up hurting you. 

I’ve never been one to not give people a chance… 

I will let time be my guidance. 
Time will tell. 
With time you will tell and show. 
Then I will decide. 
Time will be my guiding line. 


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