What a coincidence…?

Every now and then strange things occur …

Well… I have a little black box … Which I’ve mentioned before… In this little black box I keep lists of who I’ve kissed and when and who I’ve had sex with and when.

So… Me and Luke had our first kiss this week… So I remembered my black box and went to type it in… Then I looked on the sex list, and I realized guy number 4 aka. Olly was not on it… I had forgotten! Luckily, date wasn’t hard to find – as it was on the date when I flew to him the first time – 21st August…
Now you might be thinking so what?
Well here comes the creepy part… I realized that the date I lost my virginity was the same…

Thats kinda strange right?

Well… At least I think it is! What a weird ass coincidence! I was kinda creeped out the moment that I realized it was the same date… So so strange.

Weird things can happen sometimes, I dont have much to say about it than: WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!


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