As promised I would tell you about my birthday …

I almost forgot really. So busy with so many things, so busy being happy too …
I feel so free… I can’t even explain !

Anyway …

He sent me flowers.

A beautiful big bouquet of flowers arrived at my door.

A card. A card which he had ‘designed’. He had chosen a picture, that needed to be printed on to the card.
A picture of two hands holding.

“Happy birthday! See you later tonight. One Love”


He came to pick me up.

He had a present.

I had a feeling about what it was.

And surely when I opened it – I was right.

A pair of shoes. Yes… I love shoes. And these shoes aren’t exactly cheap. They’re not Louboutin expensive, but they’re still pretty expensive. For someone who hasn’t know me for long… Well he sure as hell isn’t cheap – I can tell you that.


Off we were, for dinner.

A small, intimate hidden restaurant in the city.

French cuisine.

We had a three-course dinner.

Who cares. I was just happy to see him.

The food was fine. The atmosphere was great. It was good.
But I was just happy to see him.

When we’re apart, I don’t care too much – which is good. I mean I’m not in heartache or anything. Life goes on.
Which is good. Because that means – to me at least, that it’s not because I am in need of him. Don’t get me wrong, it just means that the reason why I am seeing him has nothing to do with being lonely… Or needing to have someone there.
It means that I really like him. For him. So far that is.

Anyway … When I am with him I love it. I love to cuddle and kiss. Could kiss him forever.
I really do think we could make it. But I cannot know of course. All I know … Is that so far we’re really good together, and we’re happy and pleased. We are really fond of one another.
It feels good.
It feels different.

Let’s see where this leads me to…


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