Letter to Olly

Dear Olly,

I avoided you. I ignored your messages. I thought I didn’t care. I had someone else. I’m loyal.

Some circumstances today meant I had to communicate with you… It made me think. Oh boy. Why was I even having these thoughts… I cared so much for you. Still do , care about you.

Made me think of all your feelings that were involved … I feel bad. I’m sorry. But … I really did like you. Some circumstances just meant it wasn’t possible or meant to be. You’ve set your mark on me. I wont lie.

Our time together was pretty good. Im glad to have those memories. There has to be a reason why we meet the people That we do. I truly believe that. Having met you has made my life richer. Yes it has.

Why am I thinking of you right now? Is it because of our conversation? Or is it something else? I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted or needed. It wasn’t our time.

Maybe that’s what it’s all about … The time. In the end it might just be about time. Where we are mentally when we meet. If we’re somewhat the same place, then it’s the right time… I was ahead in time. So it wasn’t our time … I really wish you all of the best in life. I truly do. I wish you’ll do something with your life.

Best of luck to you Olly.


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