Will I ever be happy?

I do wonder … Perhaps even on a daily basis, if I will ever be happy… Will I ever be in love?

Oh how I really do love Luke … But … I don’t know. I doubt… I have so many doubts.

I just dont know …
I wonder if there was ever made someone for me out there…
I really do …

I feel so weird.

I feel so alone.

I’m scared I’ll never feel truly in love and satisfied.

Is it because I don’t know what I want? Or is it because I don’t have what I in fact need?
Will any man ever be enough? Or will I encounter the same thought/problems no matter what?
This is the thirds guy that I’ve kind of gotten close to… And it’s the same thoughts… I can’t seem to figure out what the hell I want and what the hell my problem is…

Is it because, I’m not happy about myself? …

I wish I had all the answers …


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