“We’re together, it’s you and me” He said.

“We’re together, it’s you and me” he said. “I’m your boyfriend, next time anyone asks”.

So… I guess that sealed the deal.

I was going around feeling weird about not knowing what we were, how to feel.
Are we a thing? Should I let my feelings go where I don’t want them to?
I couldn’t figure out whether not to be scared and let the universe take me where it wants – or whether to hold back because I might get hurt… Should I keep doors open? So my chances with others don’t get spoiled?

I was going around thinking a lot. Overthinking.
Couldn’t figure out whether or not I like him or not.
Because I don’t feel all bubbly.

I do get a little jealous and worried and I do love spending time with him.
It’s not something thats completely out of this world… I mean, but maybe that feeling comes with time when you really bond etc.

One thing is for sure.
I like how things are right now, and when it doesn’t feel right, then that’s that – if it will come to that, that is.
Another thing is for sure as well – he likes me more than I like him, he’s more in love than I am. Or perhaps he’s the only one who’s in love… Because I’m not bubbly in love.

In fact I feel like it can be hard to tell sometimes, if you’re in love or not.
Some people insist on the fact that you can’t be in doubt about it, and if you are – then you’re not in love.. But honestly I don’t think that’s necessarily true.
Sometimes its just hard to tell what is what. Its human to question things.

But my decision is to try to stop overthinking about everything so much, and just try to let things be. It’s difficult, but possible…

So we’ll see what the deal is …
Time will tell… Which is my favorit saying, as nothing is more true than that.


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