“…then he’s my one”

Good days.
Bad days.

We all have them. Sometimes more of one than the other.

Eric practically lives with me. He sleeps over almost every night…
Sure there were days where I needed him to stay home, so I could focus. But I didn’t say anything…

I need to stop that. I need to stop going into the same old patterns… Where I put myself last.
No. I need to speak up – for the sake of both of us.

Yesterday, he was going to stay home. But with this week being all about the exams, I knew he and I wouldn’t get much time together… Which is healthy for us – but still doesn’t make you miss the other person less…
Anyway, I could feel the stress creeping up.

We’d been together all day. And then he left because he had some work to do…
After an hour or two, as it was getting late… I could feel that I needed him. I needed someone to hold me and give me affection and to calm me down…

I called him and asked him, if he was going to go home after he was done with his work…
He said yes.
I was a little disappointed and upset, and he knew.

I set my mind to the fact that I wouldn’t ‘get my way’ today, and that I’d just have to suck it up. I tried to look at the positive aspects of him not being there.

I laid on the couch, as I couldn’t sleep.
I had this gut feeling that he wasn’t going to go home and was coming my way – because he knew I wanted him there.
But I wasn’t sure if it was my gut or just wishful thinking.

I told myself: If he comes, then he’s my one.

Surely, he did.

He came.

Why’s that amazing?

Because so many times, I’ve wished actions from previous guys – with no luck.

But this one… He did it. He really did.
He comforts me the way I’ve wished to be.

We’re very alike, and yet not.

Is he my one?


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