nothing to lose.

You know, I love to write… I really do…
Once in a while I get these crazy pieces… Short story… Poem.. Quote… They just pop into my head and I start to ‘tell’ them to myself… It always happens when I don’t have access to write them down… But then again – I don’t make the extra effort either. But many times those stories etc. are gold. I love how they just flow in my mind without me having to even try…
I have my philosophical moments from time to time, and I always regret missing them – as far as pen and paper go (or computer as it has now become these days).

I’m so busy with so many things… So many projects, thoughts, and balls in the air that I never really have the time or energy to post here…
And I don’t post here for anyone but myself… This place is just my online diary if you wish…
It’s a place where I let out my thoughts, feelings etc., and I share them with the world – if the world wants to see. I put it out there in case someone sees it and it helps them – in whatever way… Because, why not?
I am anonymous anyway, I have nothing to lose.

Nothing to lose.
That has become one of my favorite phrasings lately: what do you have to lose?
Every time I’m scared of something, scared of doing or saying something, I ask myself this… Because its relevant, because the answer 99.9% of the time will be ‘nothing’… So … If you have nothing to lose – you have nothing to be afraid of? And therefore no reason not to do it – because you basically have nothing to lose, only something to gain…


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