Hi, my name is A.

Hi, my name is A.

A for Amazing.
A for Attractive.
A for Achiever.
A for Admirable.
A for Adorable.
A for Artsy.
A for Awesome.
A for Ambitious.
A for Alluring.
A for Adventurous.

10 things.

But I am more, more than those 10 things.

But who am I?

Is this a question we can ever fully answer?

I feel like I am getting closer to my ‘self’, each and every day.
Because I am – Aware – I am aware that things are not served, we need to actively go get them, and so I am – Active – too.

What I mean is that we, as the self, are ongoing projects – which we will be our whole lives, and although it might sound silly… Not many of us know ourselves. Deeply that is. Also many of us think we are something, that we are not… Because we just ‘adapt’, we do things the way things ‘should’ be done and this and that…
So very often we lose ourselves, and we don’t follow our true dreams… Why? Because we’re afraid, we let fear control us… We believe the world is against us, we believe things cannot be achieved, well quite frankly – we don’t believe. That’s the problem, we don’t believe, in ourselves that is.

So… I am a work in progress… I am ‘under construction’, because whilst I am trying to understand myself, I am also trying to ‘alter’ myself. By this I mean, that I am trying to let go of my fears and negative thinking, because hell, if I don’t believe in me – who will?

I am on the road to self-love, self-belief and so much more…

I am A, A for many things.
Who are you?

Maybe you should choose a letter, random or from one of your names… And see if you can come up with 10 (or more) positive words to describe you – or who you want to be.
And then maybe, instead of wanting to be, just be. Just do it, and be.


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