24 hrs x 365 a year

It may seem like a lot of hours… But to me it’s not.
Simple. I’m not using my time efficiently…

So, as I am aware of this, it shouldn’t really be an ongoing problem – right?

Well… Matter of fact is that it’s not that easy.
I WANT to be spending my time more efficiently, I want to not waste time… But unfortunately it all happens unconsciously… Before I know it, boom, 5 hrs have passed. And when people ask what I’ve spent the day doing… Well to me it seems like I’ve done so much… But in fact, when I have to tell someone – the answer is pretty simple: nothing or not much.

The reason?
My mind.
I have so many things on my to do list, so many ambitions, so many things I want to do… But not enough time, not enough energy… So what happens is that I spend my time thinking too much and doing too little…
Not good.

And yes, since I am aware of this, I try to remind myself constantly – in order not to be stuck in this state… Because clearing your mind is important… You cant do 100 things all at once, and you cant have 100 projects and expect to finish them all at once or even to finish them all… It’s not possible to put maximum effort into so many big things… One thing at a time. Finding yourself is a big project, the biggest. Figuring yourself out and finding inner peace, it’s not easy… I just have to learn that sometimes in order to be less stressed etc., I have to set that project aside… Even though its too exciting and so on…

But it’s difficult. Imagine you just want to paint, you’ve started a painting and you don’t want to stop until you’re finished… BUT you’ve got an exam coming up that you have to study for…
The inner battle is seriously tough, especially if you have difficulties concentrating and keeping an interest in studying for an exam… Just to top it off, having something else that’s more interesting to do, does not make the process easier…

So yea… Don’t have too many things going on all at once. Keep things simple, keep your list of to do’s short and don’t stress yourself…

Anyone else out there that can relate?


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