acknowledge the thought.

Acknowledge the thought.

Let it come. Don’t suppress it, it wont help. It’ll just cast a shadow on you like dark skies… No good.

Acknowledge the thought.

Acknowledge the feelings.

Try to understand it.

Why are you having these thoughts?

… the answer for me is: because they’re constantly being thrown at me lately. I cant escape them, because people bring it up. Or him to be more precise.

Why are you having the feelings you’re having?

… I can’t seem to find an accurate answer.
I keep asking myself, but I have no answer. I want to answer it, but… I don’t really know.
Acceptance? Is it feelings related to the ‘me’ I’m trying to outgrow?
… I don’t want him. Why do I care for him? Why do I want him to care for me?
Why do I wish, that he knows it was his biggest mistake to let me go?
Why do I want to be important to him?
I am important. I am important to ME. Only thing that truly matters… So what’s going on? …

Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Keep breathing.

Deep breaths.
Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

… I tried. But my heart still feels burdened… Let it go girl… Please.

Why am I taking a step back?

I want to save everyone, but I cant. You cant save him. Let it go.
Care for yourself.

… Fuck.

I hate this.

So much up and down in this life.

Acknowledge the thought. Acknowledge the feelings.
Try to understand, that none of it is real. You are overthinking. You are manipulating yourself. Forget it girl, let it go.

Acknowledge and let it go.

Feel the ease and calm showering you.
Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

New thought: Me.

Don’t lose focus. Don’t lose motivation. Don’t lose.
Win in life.
Keep your goals in mind. Go get ’em.

Don’t worry about a person, who didn’t care enough to fight.
He made his own bed, let him lie in it.

Okay let’s be real, you’re still thinking of doing something. BUT most importantly… The thoughts you were having in the beginning of this post are no longer as strong and overpowering.

No. You choose happiness. You choose it for you.
You need to get back on track again. Define your goals and dreams.
Don’t forget them, or you’ll feel like now… Just overcoming the days, spending too much energy on thinking of others – that don’t mean shit in the end.

Don’t go there.

Figure yourself out…