I fucked your friend.

Is he really your friend though?
I mean, yeah sure… I got to know him through you… But I guess he was more someone you were acquainted with than anything…
Either way, the last 2 months or so, maybe more, I’ve been more friends with him than you ever were. I think.

I ain’t sorry though.
We only just had sex some days ago. We were not sober. Not an excuse, but kind of removes shyness filters, I knew he was shy.

So yeah Eric, I went ahead and had a piece of your friend Dean.

Is that fucked up though? I mean, I don’t think it is. As I said, he wasn’t really your friend… As such. More of an acquaintance…
And clearly he didn’t see you as much of a friend since he made the move…
As for me, I don’t care about you, I have morals yes, but hey… I got needs too. Not to mention, he’s a nice person. He and I have had longer more meaningful conversations than you and I ever did.
I’m not an idiot, I know its not cool, but you know what… I don’t care, I honestly DGAF, that’s my mood, that’s my motto lately.

You weren’t good to me, I don’t owe you shit – and that’s why I don’t feel bad about it. And what you don’t know, doesn’t hurt you.

I saw you out, our eyes met for a second, then I turned around real quick and left.
You were messaging Dean and calling him, I bet you saw him and I talking, didn’t you?

We left. We went to my place. And on our way you were texting him and me, boy were you drunk. And boy did you have no idea that, we had both left the party, and were heading the same way.
He ain’t your friend, he messaged you/replied your messages, then made his move. I didn’t make the move, he did.

I feel evil, but to be honest, I’m not, I just don’t care about anything anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

My life is always such a weird movie when I’m single. Lol. I don’t even care anymore.
Life is weird, people are weird, people are free, we do whatever the hell we please to do.

So, bye Felicia. I fucked your friend and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.


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