Pregnancy scare.

I think any woman experiences this at one point in her life? Well at least 80% I’d guess…

Sometimes all the symptoms are there, but there’s nothing.
I’ve tried having ‘symptoms’, where I’ve thought, well I haven’t had sex so its not possible. I’ve thought: thank god I know for sure I cannot be pregnant, otherwise I would’ve freaked out.

Well now, I cannot be all that sure. So I am freaking out.
I had this weird cramping like feeling, like when you get your period, and I thought – well my period is coming. And nothing. No period.
I was supposed to get it a few days ago and I haven’t gotten it yet…

I’ve experienced heartburn, lack of appetite, constipation and being very sleepy, but then again I experience these things on a ‘regular’ basis as well…

I got tested at the doctors today, and it was negative. But I’m not sure if its true or not, now I am just waiting to get my period. I think for the first time ever, I can’t wait to get it… Like please, I can’t be pregnant… Not now. I cant have a child and I just really don’t want to experience an abortion… So it’s lose lose no matter what.

So no I don’t want to be pregnant. I hope the doctors test is right. But I’ve heard stories of women getting tested with negative results and they were in fact pregnant… That’s fucked up. That has me overthinking things. But its probably nothing…

Waiting, waiting, like always.

Dear Period, please show yourself.


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