I need a change of scenery.

Dear Life,
Please give me strength. Please give me patience.

Dear Universe,
Please. Please let my dreams come true. Please.

Dear Source Energy,
Please take me away. Take me away from this scenery that I can’t stand and place me somewhere else where I belong.

… I don’t belong here.
I feel it deep down. I can’t stand being here.
I don’t belong. I don’t belong here.

My body is here, my physical existence, but my heart is not. My heart is somewhere else, lost. No connection between body and heart… And even mind if you like.

I need to get away.
I can’t be here.
I can’t do this.

Travelling is my escape. It lets me forget. It lets me grow. It lets me live.
I’m free. I’m me. I’m careless. I’m alone.

I don’t like this place. I don’t like the people.
… Perhaps I don’t like myself?

Please take me away. I deserve this. I need this. Please.
I want this. I have to have this.
I need a change of scenery, its not a question of ‘can I’, but ‘I have to’ and ‘I will’.
However the ‘when’ part is not in my hands…

Should I do it? Like I did last time?
Order a ticket and leave the day after? To a new place, where I know no one, to a new place on my own. Should I?

I mean, why not, right?
Why am I more scared this time than last time? Or did I forget the feeling?
I feel deep down that I need to do this once again. I feel like I have to do this. It almost feels wrong not to do it.
What do you have to lose girl? Money? … Yes.
Okay, apart from that? … Nothing.

Money comes, money goes.
Time goes, and never comes back.

Dont waste your time… Life is too short. Life is too short to be scared. Life is too short to not live.


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