tick tock.

Times waits for no man.

It really doesn’t, one thing in life you cannot buy, cannot reverse, cannot touch – is time.

Right now I’m just passing time. Why?
Because sometimes its okay to just take time to waste time, sometimes you just need that. Doing absolutely nothing.

I need to figure out myself, once again. I need to reload. I need to find meaning. I need to find myself. I need to find feeling, love and sense. I need to once again regain the joy of life, understand myself.

I am tired. I need to allow myself to be tired. I need to accept that sometimes its okay to be tired. However I should allow this, but work towards getting back up at the same time. Its about balance.
Making sure that I don’t give up – otherwise It’ll end in depression, which is the last thing I want.

Tick tock.

Not enough time in a day.
Not enough time in a lifetime.


Tick tock.

We only get older.
The time is NOW.
Do what you need to do, make yourself happy.

Do what you dream of, don’t waste your time.
Tomorrow is never promised.


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