Poem: connected yet disconnected.

All alone in this big world.
A world made small by the Internet.
A world made connected by social media.
Yet so disconnected.

Connected across borders, cultures, continents, endless connections.
Yet we are all so disconnected. Disconnected to each other, disconnected to ourselves.
In the midst of this vortex of ‘sociality’ we lose the actuality of reality and real sociality.
We lose sense of self.
We lose sense of reality.
We lose sense of life.

Suddenly there’s a shift in meaning.
A shift in what has meaning in our lives.
A shift in life purpose.
A shift that has no purpose.
A shift that has no meaning.

All of a sudden it’s about all the meaningless things.
All of a sudden all the meaningful things become abnormalities.

Seeking a rush of adrenaline becomes abnormal.
Seeking towards nature becomes abnormal.

Posting selfies becomes normal.
Exploiting our bodies in a sexual way becomes normal.
Chasing likes, acknowledgement and approval becomes normal.

Everything external and impersonal becomes normal.
Everything internal and personal becomes abnormal.

A shift.

A shift that creates an empty space as meaning is drawn out.
Nothing is left.

We try to find our meaning externally.
This approach will never fill us.
We will forever be hungry.
A hunger that can never be filled.

Soon enough grey washed canvases will walk the earth like walking dead.
No more colorful canvases, canvases each unique to their own.
No more canvases painted by he who carries it.
Canvases painted by everyone else than the carrier.
Canvases that all look the same.
No color. No imagination. Nothing beautiful.




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