word of the day: independence.


Now why is this the word of the day?

Because… Note to self: unless you do things according to your own plan, knowledge, timing etc. – it will never be as you imagine it. Even if you imagine it with another person. Don’t. Because you cannot imagine something that is controlled by the presence of anyone else than yourself.

And I think this might be why my solo travel was one of my best travels yet… Because I was independent. I didn’t rely on anyone, I could do whatever I pleased – whenever I pleased. I didn’t have to worry about another party – their mood, availability or their financial status. And that my friends, is why you have the most fun when you just do the things you want to do when YOU want to do them… Otherwise you can wait a whole lifetime without a result.

You’ll never get much done if your decisions are all based on someone else making the same decision.
If there is something you want to do – just do it. Let people join you if you like, but dont make the plans based on them…



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