I feel sick.
I feel sick to my stomach.

I feel sad.
Yet I feel nothing.

It’s like empty space. A dark room. Empty.
With a sense of sadness to it.

That’s how I feel.

I feel empty.

Yet I feel everything.

I feel overwhelmed.

I feel lost.

I feel alone.

I feel unloved.

I feel useless.

I feel very sad.

I feel an overwhelming sadness.





I feel like an abandoned child.
Alone. Afraid. Sad. In need of love and affection.

I feel all alone in the world. I feel unloved. Uncared for.

I need someone to hold me, hug me, comfort me, tell me everything will work out.
I need someone to love me, support me and care for me.

Firstly, I know, I need to be that someone to myself.

I miss you. Or do I?
Why does it hurt?

Why does life hurt?

It hurts.

Every part of me is hurting.

My heart is aching. Its like the feeling of abandonment as a child is coming back. The hurt, the neglect, the loneliness.

I cant think of anyone I’d like to hold me and let me cry.
I cant think of anyone…

Maybe you. Maybe you…


But hey, dont worry girl… Don’t worry.
You will get through this.
You will get through this…

Pain is temporary.
Shake it off.
Shake if off…

Let it out.
Calm down.

Everything will be alright…

You’ll make it through this.
Be patient.
Give it time.
Give it effort.
Make it happen.

Dont think about what others have done, or are doing.

Dont think about others.
Its not about them.
Its about you.
Stop running away and putting your energy on outside sources.
Its not about them, its about you. You. YOU.

No matter what you do, or don’t do – it has nothing to do with everything that is out of your reach and control. So focus on you, what is within your reach and control.

Life is not eternal, neither is pain. A bump on the road is a temporary surprise on your route, it doesn’t steer you in the wrong direction… It just wakes you up whilst you’re moving on your path…

Your past will not hold you down, you will turn it into a strength.
Have faith, have hope, have will, have belief.
You will get through this. You will get through this as fast as you wish.
Dont you worry about that.
Worry about you.



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