social media complexities.

We’ve all got insecurities.
We’ve all got complexities.

We all pretend we’re not insecure.
We all pretend we don’t have complexities.

We like to pretend that we are full of self confidence.
That our self esteem is as high as can be.
That we are happy.
That everything couldn’t be better as of right now.

We want to convince the world that we are great, we are beautiful, we are everything nice with an addition of spice.
We want to pretend, and we want them to confirm our play-pretend.

We yearn to be accepted, confirmed and loved.
Fake acceptance, confirmation and love.

We’re blind.

We’ve become so good at lying that it all seems as real to us as it does on the screen.
We’ve forgotten what the reality of things are.

We’ve forgotten who we are.

Who am I?

Who am I, if I am not that person that portrays themselves on social media?
Who am I, if I do not get at least 100 likes?
Who am I, if I don’t get more likes or follows than ‘that other person’?

Who am I?
Who have I become?
Who is this play-pretend person?

It’s not me.

This person looks confident, unbothered and happy.
This person, that bears my face.
Behind that facade lies the pieces of a person with low self-esteem, insecurities, acceptance-seeking issues and negative thoughts.

Who are we without social media?
Who are we when we’re not on display?
WHO are YOU?
WHO am I?

You don’t know me.
I barely know me.
Even if you knew me a month ago, I am not the same anymore.
I am on a journey.
Everyday I am changing.
Changing towards the better.
As every day passes, you will know me less and less.

I am not who you think I am.
I am not who I’ve portrayed myself to be.
I am me. A me that has yet to come out.
You will see.
You will experience this ‘me’, but you will never truly know me.


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