It’s not easy to change.

It’s not easy to change, it’s not easy to alter your mind and way of thinking.

It’s god damn difficult. It’s so difficult to break your patterns.
But you have to, if you want change in your life, you have to.

It’s okay to fall as long as you rise. Remember that.

Whenever you get hurt, angry and so on, just remember, you let yourself feel like this. So go back and understand where the ‘mistake’ lies.

Did you do something that was not in line with what you truly wanted to do in your heart? And as a result of that, did something shitty happen?
Well shit, yes that sucks, but look at it like this: at least you now know that this was the reason behind why you feel like this, and therefore you will make sure not to repeat this mistake… So isn’t it more of a win than a lose, really?

You got mad because someone did not take you into consideration when making their plans, but… You wouldn’t have been mad if you had just taken your own needs into consideration first. So in the end, you can’t get mad at anyone else than yourself – right?

Just remember, most of the time, its your own fault – not everyone else’s.
That being said, it doesn’t mean that assholes don’t exist. But just make sure you know yourself, your boundaries and energies well enough to push those assholes away, so they don’t come near you.

Honey, yes, that was easier said than done – but let that be your goal, what you work towards.

Be that person that doesn’t attract anything but good people, be that person that takes control of their own life. Be that amazing person, that pulls themselves up when they fall and realizes why they fell in the first place…

It’s a long road to travel to get there, but Sweety it will be worth it.
Make that a goal, to have all the love and happiness within yourself to make yourself happy, to be your own hero.
In the end you only have yourself, so make sure you only need yourself. Otherwise you will walk around with a hole your whole life.


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