the universe played a role in You&I.

The universe has a funny way of bringing people together.
I firmly believe that nothing in life is a coincidence.

Meeting you, perhaps the meaning of that was for me to help you on your way.
Perhaps it was for you to understand.
Perhaps it was for us to have each other for support.

I can’t tell what made me make the decisions I made.
I can’t tell why I decided to get to know you.

Perhaps I can’t even say if it was ever love, that kind of love.
I can tell you one thing though; there was something I couldn’t pinpoint.
There was something I could feel, that I’ve never felt before.

That something.
That something was the reason why I was drawn to you.

It was and it is, a something I don’t think many people feel.
It’s like, it was meant to be.
It’s like the universe for sure had planned that you and I meet.
it’s like the universe made sure, that I could feel this feeling in my gut.
This feeling, which isn’t love, which isn’t explainable.
This feeling which just makes sure, I don’t let you go.

I was told the feeling, the thing I couldn’t pinpoint, was that I was in touch with my masculine side, and you so with your feminine.
And therefore we are the same, and the opposite.
The same because we are in touch with both sides, the opposites because we are not the same gender.

Do I love you?
Its really weird, how I cant say yes, but I cant say no either.
Most importantly, I won’t say I don’t know.
Because deep down I know the answer, and the answer is yes and no.

I care for you, deeply. I love, our connection.
However, if I have to feel it deep down in my gut right this moment, do I love you?
No. I don’t feel in love. I don’t feel that ‘feeling’. But very importantly I am not driven by my ‘bad habits’.
I don’t spend time with you, because I don’t know how to be alone.
I don’t spend time with you, to use you for what I cannot give myself.

Have I learned to love myself yet? No.
I am not there yet. I cannot this moment say, I love myself fully.
But one day I can, when that day comes, I will be ready to love.
The same for you.

You cannot love anyone, unless you love yourself.

I wanted you so badly to be my one.
I wanted you so badly to understand what life is about.
I wanted you so badly to be the man I was in need of.

In the middle of all my selfishness, I forgot you, I forgot who you really were.
I didn’t love you for who you were, I loved the illusion of who I wanted you to be.
I didn’t see you for you.

Now, now things are different.
You’ve changed. You’re still changing.
You’re still not the man I am searching for.
However I always saw potential in you, that feeling.
And now I know I wasn’t wrong.
You are still not that man yet, but I am sure you will become that man.

So after all Universe, you made me his eyes, you made me see what he couldn’t see.
In the end Universe, I’ve finally understood, that I was supposed to be the key to open up the lock.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt about anyone, the way I’ve felt about you.
I had this vision, which I believe, was of your future.
I can already see it unfold.

I knew your potential, before you knew it yourself.

Do I love you?
Yes, I love the man I know you will become.
There is not one ounce of doubt in me regarding that.

Perhaps I was never in love with who you showed the world you were.
Perhaps I was in love with you on a level out of this world.
I think I was in love with the future you, I could feel his presence so deeply in my heart that I was hurt because he was so far away. He was trapped, imprisoned by whoever was standing before my eyes.

It is no coincidence that you and I met.
It is no coincidence.

We may not be for one another now.
We may not be for one another ever.
Or we may. Only time will tell.
But one thing is for sure, we will always be something for one another.
No one can take that away.

You are not just anyone.
You activate a gut feeling in me, that tells my instincts, that you are not just anyone.

We have to evolve on our own.
But we don’t have to be alone.
But we cannot find the love within each other or others, if we don’t find the love within ourselves.

Maybe you are one of my soulmates, perhaps we don’t just have a single one.
Perhaps we have many.

I just want you to know, that I want you in my life.
I don’t want you as a partner right now.
But I want you in my life.
I think the Universe has brought us together again.
If we drift apart, I have a feeling the Universe will bring us back together again in the future…
You and I met for higher reasons than why most people do, that I what I believe.
The Universe has it all planned out.


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