emotional bonfire.

My heart is pounding.
Beating away.
Like a boxer beats a bag.
Like a woodchuck chucks.
Like a tap-dancer’s tapping.
I can feel every beat.
Every beat is just a little more powerful than the last.
I feel the pounding in my chest.
I feel the pulse through my body.
I can feel the beat crawling from my chest, up my neck,
my face, my ears.
The heat slowly crawls its way up to my head.
My ears are burning.
Red and warm, the pulse is pounding fiercely through them.
My breaths are becoming more shallow,
like I’m gasping for my last breaths.
A huge wave of emotions rises and washes over me.
The salty drops are gathering together in the corner of my eyes.
One glimpse and two warm drops roll down my warm blushed cheeks.
I keep my eyes closed.
I feel everything.
I put my hands to my heart.
I feel your presence.
So far, yet so close.


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