I wish.

I wish you loved me like I love the world.
I wish I was that special girl.

I wish I was your one and only.
I wish you didn’t just love me when you’re lonely.

I wish I was the sun that brought you light.
I wish  I was your favorite sight.

I wish I was the last missing piece in your puzzle.
I wish I was your ever beating muscle.

I never wanted just a piece of your heart.
I wanted you to feel deeply when we’re apart.

I wanted you to love me, so deeply no word could ever tell.
I wanted our love to be like an amazing spell.

I wanted us to be that fairytale.
Instead I wound up in my own jail.

Your life wasn’t something I wanted to be in, I wanted to be it.
I wanted to be what water is to fish, what dirt is to trees, what oxygen is to fire and what wind is to kites, to you.

I wanted to be your everything.

Most of all, I wanted you to be my one, my soulmate.
But I guess our fantasy had an expiry date.



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