you don’t love me like I love me.

How can you be so selfish?

The selfish do not love others, you don’t love me, you just think you do – because it feels good, to you.

Follow your heart they say, I no longer know where my heart is though…
So where should I go?

My mind is telling me, that we won’t be.
My heart is too far from you, to tell me anything…

Everytime I tell myself, ‘I can’t do this’. I’m not willing to fight. I don’t have to fight for what I deserve. I shouldn’t have to ask for what I deserve.
When you love someone, you give them what they deserve.

You love your mother – you think of how she feels.
You love your father – you worry about his wellbeing.

You don’t love me – you just don’t want someone else to love me.
You don’t want someone else to be the reason why I smile.
You don’t want to be forgotten, and I don’t want to play your game.

I’m not sure I can do this.
Do I expect too much?
Perhaps I just feel too much.
I wear my heart on the tips of my fingers, I feel everything.

I deserve more.
I am special, I am a gift, to myself and this world.
If you can’t love me like I love myself, then you’re not adding to the equation.
I don’t need a love that is less, I need a love that is an addition to my life. I need plus, not minus…

You don’t miss me, you just don’t know how to be by yourself…

Dear Universe, who is this person you won’t take off my path? And why? … Please give me answers, so my heart no longer needs to ache.





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