Endings that create a new start.

I thought it was written in the stars.

I thought you and I were meant to be, I thought that this was what it all meant…

But perhaps, it was just for me to get closure, to let go…

Once again: What is it even that I see in you?

It’s all the same.

Once again nothing makes sense. No answers seem to be the right ones.

You’re not for me.
You may think I am for you…
But you’re not for me.

I don’t love you.
I don’t even think I care about you to be honest.
You’re just another one, another person that has come into my life, who needs to go again.

Why do I even bother? Why do I put myself through this emotional strain?

Because I am naive, that’s why.

I thought that now would be our time, our time to figure things out, but I guess I was wrong.
No I don’t want a partner yet – but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t figure out now whether or not the thought of you and me would have potential…
You might see it, but I don’t… Not anymore.

You don’t love me, you never did.
You don’t even love yourself, not the least bit.

I might not love myself 100% yet, but I do have love for myself – that I don’t doubt.
I no longer need someone else to fill me, I am way past that… I don’t need others to make me feel like I am good enough.
However, I do need a potential partner to show me that I am all and everything, because I don’t gamble with something as valuable as my heart.
It’s not a game. Love is not a game, it’s not something you play.
Love is something you feel, something genuine, something pure.
Love is so pure it makes everything unclear and blurred, nothing else will be clear or matter more. That’s love.
Love is when everyone don’t matter because your focus is set.
Love is not polygamous it is monogamous.
Love is like a ball of positive energy, love is one.
Love is when your soul craves the touch of the other’s.
Not because its not complete, but because that touch takes you to different heights.
Because two souls can fly higher than one, because double the fuel provides more energy.
You must be one, to become two.

Love is precious,
love is kind.

Love is forgiving,
love is blind.

Love is not judgemental,
love is caring.

Love is not hurtful,
love is bearing.

Within myself I find the love, within myself I find the love for myself.
With you I lose it all, no gains made, but many losses to find.

With you I lose myself.

I wish you could be the man I also wished you were.
I guess that’s just in my mind.

Dear gut feeling,
did you mislead me on purpose?
Or was it the truth at that moment with the alignment of the stars?

Why are you once again testing me like this?
I get it, sometimes everything is not just pure bliss.

I thought my search had come to an end,
I thought I had found my one and only friend.

But now I see, that this is just the start.
For me to move on, we and the illusion had to fall apart.

I guess this means its time to forget and move on,
I guess this means its time for me to write a new song.


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