I’ve never fallen in love..?

I realized that the reason why I’ve probably never fallen in love is because of fear…

I always thought I wasn’t capable of it… But now I realize I was probably subconsciously keeping myself from falling in love, because… I was too scared of losing control, which you kind of do when you give your heart to someone else.

I think it comes down to trust as well, I don’t have a lot of faith in people, so how could I ever trust someone to take care of my heart? No… These days I barely trust myself and my feelings… How can I trust someone else when I don’t trust myself yet?

The same goes for love, how can I love someone else, when I don’t love myself yet?

I guess this all pretty much answers – why haven’t I fallen in love yet?

I don’t know when or if I ever will… But I do hope that one day I will experience this… Because who doesn’t want to feel and be in love? And who doesn’t want to find their one and only?
I think we all want that, no matter what we say… Deep down thats what we all want and long for.



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