Love… What is it even?

I am tempted to say: “I clearly remember the smell of his skin.” … Truth be told, I don’t.

I clearly remember how I loved the smell of his skin. However I don’t remember the actual scent, maybe if I was to smell it again I would reminisce…

However, point being, it occurred to me not long ago, that the natural smell of another person is so important… It seriously dictates how attracted you are or aren’t to someone.

One thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is what I am attracted to… I know I am attracted to kind eyes, a cute smile and an overall friendly vibe with a touch of weirdness. However as far as physical traits go – I am not completely sure…

Even as far as love goes, I still have no actual clue of what love is… And I still have no clue where my feelings are, its as if I lost them along the way weeks ago.

If there’s one thing that really confuses me a lot, it must be love. Love is not the enemy… However it often feels as though it is… Why? Because the actual ‘enemy’ is ourselves, we don’t love ourselves, so we cant tell what love is… We can’t love someone right and no one can love us back the way we want to be loved… So in the end the actual enemy is ‘me’ and ‘self love’ or more the lack thereof…

Love is a complicated matter, whether its internal or external…


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