Heart in my hands.

The sun is starting to rise.

The bottom half of the horizon is starting to turn orange and yellow,
in contrast to the dark blue.

The birds are chirping and flying in circles, adding on to this real life painting.

I am sitting in silence, observing my surroundings.

I close my eyes, sitting in a comfortable position, with the window open.

I feel the cool temperature outside.

It’s winter. It’s cold.

I clasp my hands together and place them near my chest.

I close my eyes.

I can hear everything.

I can feel everything.

I feel the beat of my heart between two of my fingers.
Then I feel the pulse between all my fingers.

My hands are clasped together and pounding.

I feel my heart, I feel myself.

Life is beautiful. Life is wonderful.

Today I was granted another day of life and health – I am grateful and I am blessed.



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