21 hours.

21 hours.

That’s how long ago the scene I replay in my head occurred.

21 hours.

Not even a full day.

Yet it feels like it was ages ago.


I see your face.

I hear your sweet words.

Your gentle touch.

But I feel no love.

Forcing something that was never meant to be.

It’s like forcing yourself to eat something you’re allergic to.

It might taste good and feel good in that moment,

but you’ll soon realize that it is a bad idea.

You’ll realize how the aftermath of it,

was not worth the short satisfaction.

However, you will be smarter now,

therefore there is nothing to regret in the end.

In the end,

we’re just two souls in search of our mate.

We could be compatible, but we’re not.

If you were only this, this and this,

but the matter of fact is: you’re not.

The person I wish for, is not the person you are.

“See the man in front of you, not the goal.”

For long I was blind,

but now I see,

that you and I were never meant to be.



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