Destiny is real.

Every person that I meet.
Every person that I form some kind of relationship with,
makes me wonder what their role in my life is.

Are they messengers? Lessons? Blessings?
What’s their role?
Why have our paths crossed?
I don’t believe anything is coincidental.


Everything is meant to be, therefore there is a reason behind it.
What that reason is, is not always clear though…
It takes time to reveal itself.

I feel brave.
I feel strong.

I feel braver than ever.
I feel stronger than ever.

I’ve never loved myself as much as I do right this moment.
I’ve never accepted myself as much as I do right now.
I’ve never cherished myself as much as I do today.

I am amazing.
I am special.

That’s how I truly feel.
I don’t feel normal, I never have.
There was just something about me,
since forever, that wasn’t ‘normal’.

I was never meant to be like everyone else,
I was never meant to live an ordinary life.
So I wont.

There’s a meaning with everything.
It has taken me a year to figure out your meaning,
and even now I can’t be 100 that I’ve found the final meaning.
You’ve given me a lot, by taking.
I’ve finally understood it all.
It wasn’t love. It wasn’t because y0u’re my soulmate.
It was simply connected to myself and my past.
It was all me, all along. It was never about you,
you were just a canvas for my projection.



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