“What I really love about you…”

“How could I not want to kiss you?” He questioned.
“You are beautiful. You’re smart. Everything.”

She smiled. She was flattered, but yet she stod by her feelings – she wasn’t going to kiss him. Kissing changes things. Kissing means something, kissing is not something she was ready for… She just couldn’t.

“You’re a good-looking girl, but what I like the most is your eyes… And your lips… But what I really love about you, is your smile.” He said.

“Wow.” She thought to herself. What beautiful, sweet and raw words had come out of this persons mouth. A person she barely knew. So brutally honest.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while now, but you’re hard to read.” He continued.

“I just… I just can’t… It’s too… Intimate… It changes things. I just… Can’t.” She replied. “I really like hanging out with you, its really wonderful. But I don’t feel anything, I just don’t. I haven’t been able to feel anything for a while now. I even told my ex this last week.”

Confused, he asked: “Wait, your ex? Did you have a boyfriend last week who’s now your ex or is this your ex from before?”

“My ex from before. We were still talking, and I just told him, that I don’t see a future.” She replied.

“Oh okay, I get it… Well… Are you sure? Not even a small peck? Just a tiny one?” He begged.

“Nope. Not going to happen, sorry.” She said with a playful calm but firm voice.


She left and even days after, she was still thinking of the event…
How incredibly sweet and nice his words were…
But also how incredible it was that guys in general can’t take a no, and how pathetic that essentially is – no matter how much they like you.
To her she realized, that a man who 100% accepted and respected her boundaries was what she wanted. Every guy she talked to brought her closer to knowing what she truly wanted.

Now she definitely knew that she wanted a guy who put it out there, but would respect her response, and rather than push – just wait for her to make the move.


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