Do you know why you’re high sometimes?

Do you ever think back sometimes and think ‘wow I was so happy at that time, everything was working out. Everything was great.’?

Well I do.

However I’ve noticed, the only thing that actually differs from then and now is the matter of fact that… You’ve chosen not to be happy. I know it sounds weird – but its true.

It’s all a matter of perspective… Things are as great as you want them to be, they are as great as you see them. You are as happy as you want to be, you really decide yourself how you feel… And you decide where you put the emphasis – on the negative or positive?

Just do whatever makes you happy. If you need alone time, do that. If you need to socialize do that… But always remember to think: ‘why do I need this?’ or ‘what will this give me?’ or ‘do I want to do this because I really want to, or is it rooted in something else?’.

It’s important to be self-aware and take care of yourself.

Get high from everything in life.

The night sky, the cloud-free sky in the day, the rays of sunshine, the luxury of having water access whenever you need it, the matter of fact that you can just turn on the water and take a shower, that you can walk, see, smell … Taste. Think about where your food came from, how it was made possible for you to eat it…
In reality everything in life and our daily life is truly amazing, we just don’t realize it. We forget… We don’t appreciate it enough…

Don’t worry – I am a sinner too.
However I try to remind myself as often as possible, that no matter what, I am truly blessed. And no matter what I am as happy as I want to be. As independent or dependent as I choose to be.
Everything is a choice, although it doesn’t always seem like it, everything in life is rooted in choice.


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