If it scares you, face it.

Easier said than done – I know.

BUT… If we constantly hold ourselves back because we’re scared… Will we ever make it?

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a chance or decision and been disappointed, I’ve always walked away with something.

Follow your heart, follow your gut feeling – don’t let your fear be the decision maker.

I’m scared. I wont lie. Of course I am.

I’ve been a student my whole life, even though I thought of myself as independent I now realize, being a student makes you everything but. I am scared of having to put myself in a position now and say ‘here I am and I am qualified for this, this and this.’.
Scared. Fear. No, that’s not right…

What am I missing? Confidence. Visions. Self-belief.
I do possess all of this – however none of these are as clear as they should be or 100%, and THAT is WHY I am scared. Why else?

I have decided that I now want to sell myself – however I feel like I have nothing to sell. Damn right I am scared. Damn right I am nervous. What else? I’ve never done this before… Which is all the more reason why I should try… If I fail, so what? Failure is not bad, failure makes you wiser and smarter. You can never lose, because there is always a gain in every decision – whether it is positive or negative. In reality all incidents are positive, because it’s a matter of perspective. They may hurt, but the fact that they happened, that aspect is positive. We don’t grow if we don’t learn and we don’t learn if we don’t fall from time to time.

But I am scared. I’m not going to backdown however, but I need a plan. I can’t ‘just do it’, not this time. I feel that all this planning is what’s making me anxious, but then again… I am looking for a specific outcome – I can’t get this outcome if I don’t plan. I have to prep my mindset too.

I need to declutter my mind. I’ve been trying to, but not hard enough. I have to eliminate all distractions as much as possible. Me. I need to focus on me, and I need to define how I do that…


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