The Universe is looking out for you.

Whenever you feel down, whenever you’re in doubt. Whenever you feel like nothing is working out… Just breathe, believe and ask or pray if that’s what you want to call it. Pray to the Universe, ask for things… Tell it what you want. You will get it. If you believe it, you’ll have it. It’s not that complicated. Everything is pretty easy, if you make it easy.

Whatever you want, you will get.
Don’t doubt yourself so much.
Believe in yourself.
Love yourself.

Notice how everything always works out for you in the end.
Notice how people are always around you.
You are a magnet.
You attract people.
People want to talk to you.
They want to get in contact with you.
They want your attention.
Embrace it.
Embrace your soul, embrace the person you are.


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