what’s my purpose?

I’m not sure how I feel.

What are my skills? What do I want in life?
What’s my purpose?

I feel like I have a lot of ‘talents’ or… Perhaps the right way to say it is – I have a lot of potential talents. I have different talents that all could be improved to be something extraodrinary…

So which do I choose? Or do I not choose?
Am I supposed to let the talent choose?
I can’t quite tell…

What’s my purpose? How will and can I contribute to this world?

I feel like I am chosen and destined for something great – without sounding like a complete looney.
I feel like I have the ability to impact people’s lives… Maybe that’s my true calling? I can’t quite tell…
And do I need to?
Am I supposed to limit myself? Or can I do it all? Yet I believe that starting somewhere and specializing within that is the right way to go… But is there even a recipe?
Or do I just it all? Or do I just try and do it all and see which of them works best for me?

I’m confused.
I am somebody, yet I am nobody…


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