I leave prints in people.

Anyone that truly gets to know me, can never really forget me.
Time after time I have had people come back and tell me what an impression I’ve had on them.
However this is something I sort of just realized… Now.

I guess I have a special energy or something.
I know it sounds crazy… But sometimes it feels as if I was chosen, chosen for something…
Other times I feel like I’m crazy, that I talk too much and that I’m too opinionated.

I don’t have all the answers in the world, but I have many. I do not believe that I know everything there is to know, I truly believe that I like anyone else will die and still have much I didn’t have time to learn – and that will be true to anyone as life is temporary and learning is infinite.

However I do believe I am more enlightened than many, especially within my own agegroup…

Although I have a hard time understanding the meaning of life, I accept that I am here and there may perhaps never be a meaning to life apart from the meaning I give to my own.

I’m not sure what my role in this world is, but I am sure that I am one of the few that will participate in making it a better place.



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