I’m not sure.

I’m not sure where to go for answers… Where to find them. How to find them.
I’m not sure how I should take the leap of faith.
I’m not sure on what I should take the leap…

I feel so confused.
I feel lost.
I feel like I’m not doing enough.
I feel like there are certain things I should’ve achieved by now.
I feel like I’m too old to be where I’m at right now.

And I’m hard on myself. I know…
But what am I doing with my time?
How am I moving forward or towards where I want to be?
I’m not.
I’m wasting time.
I’m spending my time on others.
And quite frankly, it doesn’t feel good.

I really wanna get away.
Somewhere. Anywhere.
I feel like I need some peace of mind.
I feel like there’s something inside me that needs to be unleashed.

I’m blessed.
I’m grateful.
But I’m confused…
I’m so confused.


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