Will today be the day?

Imagine it.

Feel it.

Imagine that today is that day.
What day?
The day where your biggest dream came true.

How does it feel?

Good right?

Hold on to that feeling.

I hope today will be that.
Today will be that day.
That day where the impossible good happens.
That day where the answers to all your and others problems is answered.

That day what you dreamt of, will happen.
That day where pure luck strikes you.
Why you?
Why not you? That is the question.

Today will be that day where I no longer need to worry about much anymore.
Please Universe, let that day be today.
Let me win today.
Let me get that feeling in my chest, all over my body, that feeling of something being so unreal and good. That feeling of being so god damn lucky that you cannot even believe it.

Today will be that day.
I put my bet.
Let me win.


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