5 years on the blog

It’s been 5 years since I started this blog… It’s really intersting, funny and embarrassing to read some of the things I’ve written, done, felt etc.
I’ve come such a long way and grown so much since December 2013.

It’s crazy how time flies, how everyone’s lives take different paths and tours. Life is interesting…

5 years ago I was breaking up with my first boyfriend, whom I had been with for 3.5 years. Today I have a new boyfriend, boyfriend number 4… And he’s amazing.
So many other things have changed since then too…

I couldn’t have ever imagined this is where I’d be, that my life would’ve looked like this and that I would’ve experienced and grown as much as I have.

December is always an intersting time of the year. It’s my birth month, it’s holiday period and the last month of the year.

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