Speak it into existence.

About 3 months ago I was praying so hard for this job that I applied for – the ‘dream job’, I made an application that was out of the ordinary, I even made something especially for them. Some video content. Did they like it? Hate it? I have no idea, because they never saw it. I just got a standard reply… At the same time there was an apartment I really liked, gosh it was way over budget… And turned out to be a bad investment, so I had to turn it down. But I was praying so hard that I would get that job and that apartment, how awesome would that be? To get a job and a place all at the same time?! Gosh!

… And it didn’t happen. I didn’t get the job, they never even went through my application… And I had to say no to the apartment, even with a yes, it wouldn’t have necessarily have been mine anyway, as we were 5 potential buyers…

3 months forward and I got an apartment! An even better one – economically. Just need to sign the papers in 2 days and it will be final! What else? I got to go to interview number 2, and I am 1 of 2 candidates. I reeeeally want this job, I really want it. And how amazing would it be if I got it? Just imagine, the dream I had 3 months ago would come true. But with a different job and a different apartment. But the wish and goal of getting an apartment and a job would be complete.

I’m trying so hard to speak it into existence and I’m praying so hard that I’ll get that call tomorrow and it will be good news for me. I’m praying so hard that they will say, ‘We would love for you to join the team, can you come in on Monday?’. YES, yes I can.

How amazing would that be? Pretty amazing, but even if it doesn’t happen, I know it’s because there is something else out there for me. Because time after time, the Universe has showed me this. I trust in you Universe, I believe that whatever happens is for a reason and what is mine will be. This job, this job is for me, it’s mine. It’s for me to have and for me to grow. This will be my stepping stone. It will.
That lady will call me tomorrow and she will tell me that I am hired! I am the best candidate for the job, I am amazing and I am great. I am willing to work and I hope she could see that. I hope that she could see that I really wanted this and that I will give my all. I fit into that place, that place is perfect for me. It is the perfect environment for me, I fit in so so well. I will get hired tomorrow. Tomorrow great news awaits me. I believe it.


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